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Father (Gerrit) and son (Bas) together proud men at Louwers in Mierlo.


Bas : How did you end up at Louwers Mechanical Parts in Mierlo?

It started with vacation work via my father who has been working at Louwers Mechanical Parts in Mierlo for more than 40 years. When I was still in secondary school, the owner of Louwers, Mark van Duijnhoven, asked me to come and work at Louwers after my exams. Of course that was music to my ears. He would pay for my education and I started my All-round machining Level 4 education immediately after graduating.

Bas: What kind of work do you do exactly?

I stand behind a CNC lathe of the American company Haas. This company is also involved in Formula 1 and most people know the name. Such a machine requires an enormous amount of precision from those who operate it, and I am open to learning a lot more here at Louwers.

Bas: How do you find working with your father at Louwers?

It's super nice working with my dad. My father is a specialist in smaller turning work. Really small!

Bas: Do you have enough goals and challenges at Louwers?

Every work drawing is a new challenge. The fact that you can make beautiful products from a block of metal fascinates me.

At Louwers you get the space to gain experience in a pleasant and professional environment. My goal is to work here all my life, just like my father. This way I can contribute to the growth and development of Louwers.

Gerrit: How do you feel about working together on the shop floor with Bas?

I think it's fine, and of course I'm proud of Bas. Bas was 13 years old and had nothing to do during the vacations, but wanted to earn money. I then introduced him to Louwers.

Gerrit: 42 years working at Louwers, that's not nothing?

Certainly not! I have done various jobs, but I like the small jobs best, he stresses. I still do a lot by hand and not many people can do that anymore.

Gerrit: What do you like about Louwers?

Louwers is a family business! We manage to involve our own children in the company and develop them further. I have been working here for exactly 42 years and enjoy the work I do here every day. The building I'm in now didn't exist when I started here, that was a shed next door. Louwers has been expanding well in recent years with machines and personnel. We are growing with the times.

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