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Our extensive, state-of-the-art machining systems are equipped to handle a wide variety of materials with a high degree of precision (CNC milling and CNC lathing). Automating our production environment is one of the company’s ongoing priorities.

Welding and soldering

Louwers is equipped to take on your welding, laser welding, soldering and brazing projects. You

will not need to transfer your parts and components to another site for these operations, which reduces total product lead time.


Louwers has the equipment needed for low-stress annealing and hardening of your products.

Quality control and measurement

Louwers Mechanical Parts BV is ISO 9001-certified.

In our measuring room, products are tested for precision after processing, using various 3D measuring devices and, if desired, a measurement report is provided.

Cleaning and packaging

Your products are cleaned in our Branson cleaning facility, which uses ultrasonic cleaning and rinses the products in water and then again with deionized water, after which the products are placed in the dryer for stain-free drying. We can then package the products based on your specifications.

Grade 2

Immediately after the cleaning process, your products are transferred to our ‘class 4’ cleaning room to prevent any contamination. This means we can guarantee both the highest possible standards of precision and hygiene and the shortest possible lead times (Grade 2).

We use our Grade 2 method for a variety of our business processes in order to be able to deliver pure, high-quality products to our clients

Metaal opgestapeld in het bedrijf van Louwers Mechanical Parts in Mierlo
Service to others leads to greatness.

Jim Rohn

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