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Back when Jan Louwers established the company in 1946, it specialized in high-precision technology. When he first started out, he mainly served clients in the watch industry – as well as supplying to Philips – but after some years he expanded his focus to include other market segments. Once his two sons were old enough, he brought them into the business. Both sons had their own interests when it came to production, with one opting to focus on the manufacture of marine windows and the other deciding to specialize in the production of components and devices for measurement and control technology. This same son, Henk, went on to eventually take over the business from his father and dedicated himself exclusively to the production of measurement and control technology and machine parts and components. In 2002, then operations director Mark van Duijnhoven took over control of LMP from HenkLouwers and, as the new managing director, went on to further expand the company. Over the decades, Louwers Mechanical Parts BV increasingly turned its attention to producing high-quality machine parts and components, where the knowledge we had acquired of the processing of exotic alloys and other materials served us well. Mark and the loyal, capable and diverse team he has assembled over the years have led the company to achieve steady growth.

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