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Strong in making precision parts

Already more than 1 million parts

75 years of experience


20 Machines

What do we offer

We are a reliable supplier to companies operating in a wide array of sectors and industries, including the chemical, petrochemical, semiconductor, medical, food, glass-processing and automotive industries – and that’s just for starters.


Why Louwers

Top Notch Machines

We are willing to invest and innovate with our clients to facilitate the production process.

Personal service

Our value-added additional services include a large number of ferrous and non-ferrous operations.

High Quality 

Quality assurance operations include testing the chemical resistance of metals, determining what cutting speeds to use and how to increase the abrasion-resistance of certain types of metals, as well as the careful treatment of various liquids.

Experienced advisors

Our advisors serve clients with the highest level of personal attention and our range of services are tailored for each client.

Our employees

Working with Louwers

A real learning culture from which we all benefit.

Chantal IJpelaar


I have been working at Louwers for 15 years with great colleagues. I can be myself and that is very valuable to me.

Gerrit van Kaathoven


We are a women-friendly company and I am proud of that.
Mayke_ vrouw in de metaalpg

Mayke van der Putten




  • A short impression of the machine park and working staff.
  • What services do we have at Louwers?
    1. Cleanroom In our own cleanroom (class 4), we can clean, assemble and package your products. 2. Assembly We can assemble your parts into a product in our assembly department as well as in our cleanroom. 3. Cleaning Your products are cleaned in the Branson cleaning line, which uses ultrasonic washing, rinsing in water and rinsing with deionized water, after which the products are placed in the dryer for spot-free drying. 4. Packing Products can be delivered in various packaging, such as vacuum packaging on cardboard, shock-free in a membrane box, anti-oxidation paper or packaging to be determined by you. 5. Grade 2 Finishing The products are entered into our Cleanroom “class 4” immediately after the cleaning process to prevent possible contamination from pollution. This enables Louwers to guarantee the highest possible accuracy and cleanliness requirements with the shortest possible lead time (Grade 2). 6. Inventory management To support your logistics department, Louwers offers the possibility to keep your products in stock within our company. For this we have three unique systems in the form of computer-controlled paternoster boxes with a storage capacity of 8000 positions. Products can then be purchased on demand, so that your business processes can continue undisturbed. 7. Transportation Louwers has its own driver and means of transport, so that your products can be delivered quickly at the location and time of your choice.
  • Which materials  can we process?
    The processing of exotic materials such as Inconel, Hastelloy and Monel is frequently used by Louwers. Ask about the possibilities because there are many possibilities.
  • Where can I email for specific questions?
    You can contact us with any questions via the contact page on the website. Thank you!
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